image problem?

It may come as no shock to most of you that Christians have an image problem. I saw this video from CNN the other day about what one church is doing to change that.

To add some more fuel to the fire, I want to repost this quote from Moltmann:

“The church cannot understand itself simply from itself alone. It can only comprehend its mission and its meaning, its roles and its functions in relation to others.”

So, what do you think? Does the church have an image problem? What can we do to fix it? Lets talk about it.

One thought on “image problem?

  1. >I like the Moltmann quote. If we only look at ourselves then we're not really going to see who we are. We need a lot of different perspectives, and that's how it is with anyone. I tell the youth at my church all of the time about how your friends see you one way, your family sees you another way, teachers see you even another, etc. While all of these might be different, they are all true. All of them make up who you are. I think everyone has image problems though. We all want to be seen a certain way and to give off a certain type of aura I guess you would say. I think the issue is more of what type of image do we want to give off? Do we want to have an image of "We are right and everyone else is wrong", or "Come here and everything in your life will get fixed" etc. Or do we want an image of being a "hospital for sinners" or being authentic and listening to other people while showing Christ's love? It's all about WHAT image you want to portray and being able to see how others view you so you can more effectively share the love of Christ.

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