what do you think?

Over the last week I stumbled across a few different quotes. Two are from Jurgen Moltmann and the other is from Tony Campolo. I had hoped to be able to put them all into a post with some sort of golden thread to weave them together but I have had trouble verbalizing the thoughts in my head. I think what I need to process these is some outside help. Here you go…

“My fundamentalist friends have no trouble allowing women to be missionaries. It’s alright for you to preach to black men, you just can’t preach to white men. If that doesn’t have racist overtones, I don’t know what does.” -Tony Campolo

“Hierarchy is a church for looking after people; it is not a self-confident church *of* God’s people.” -Moltmann

“The church cannot understand itself simply from itself alone. It can only comprehend its mission and its meaning, its roles and its functions in relation to others.” -Moltmann

Suffice it to say I agree with them, but what do you think? 

More to come...

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